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Fire Insurance

Fire Insurance is essential to buy a fire insurance policy which plays an imperative role by covering your business against various losses or damages.

Valued Policy

This is a fire insurance policy in which an agreement is framed and the insurer undertakes to pay in the event of destruction of property by fire.

Specific Policy

This is a fire insurance policy which insures a risk for a specific amount. In case of any loss under this policy, the insurer pays all the loss provided. It is not more than the sum specified in the policy. Thus, the value of the property is not considered for this purpose.

Average Policy

This is a fire insurance policy that is insured if the property is under-insured, ie; insured for a sum smaller than the value of the property. The insurer must bear only the proportion of the actual loss which the sum assured bears to the actual value of the property at the time of loss.

Floating policy

This type of fire insurance policy covers several types of goods lying at various locations for one amount and one premium. The premium normally charged under this policy is the average of the premium that would have been paid if each batch of the goods had been insured under the specific policy for specific sums.

Comprehensive Policy

An insurance policy which covers risks such as fire, flood, riots, strikes, burglary etc, up to a certain specified amount is known as a comprehensive policy.

Consequential Loss Policy

The objective of this insurance policy is to indemnify the insured against the loss or profit caused by any interruption of business due to fire. It is also known as loss of profit policy.

Reinstatement Policy

It is a policy under which the insurer pays the amount which is sufficient to reinstate assets or property destroyed.

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